TDR VOS SlickEQ – a Mixing/Mastering Equalizer

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The TDR VOS SlickEQ is an impressive audio mixing/mastering equalizer, excelling in both user-friendliness and musical versatility. Its intuitive layout of Low/Mid/High filter-bands facilitates fast access to four distinct EQ modes, each offering unique sound characteristics.

The inclusion of an auto gain feature smartly compensates for perceived loudness changes, enhancing operational ease. Additionally, the switchable EQ non-linearity and multiple saturation models add harmonic richness without overt distortion.

Its advanced 64bit multirate processing effectively minimizes common digital EQ issues. The additional features like undo/redo, A/B comparison, and mouse-wheel support further enrich the user experience. Overall, SlickEQ stands out for its sound quality and thoughtful design.

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