HoRNet Freqs: Analog and Digital Free Spectrum Analyzer

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HoRNet Freqs stands out as a reliable and efficient spectrum analyzer, catering to both novice and professional audio engineers.

Its dual-view feature, offering analog and digital visualizations, enhances its versatility in various studio settings. The resizable GUI, combined with hardware-accelerated rendering, ensures a smooth user experience across different devices. Users appreciate its integration flexibility and the peak hold feature, which adds practicality in identifying and addressing audio spectrum issues.

Although highly praised for its functionality, it’s worth noting that HoRNet Freqs is not yet compatible with Apple Silicon (M1/M2) processors. However, it supports macOS (10.9 and later) and Windows (Windows 7 and later), in 64-bit format, including Audio Units, VST2.4, VST3, and AAX formats.

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