F-Bundle: Analog EQ, Preamp, Channel Strip

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The F-Bundle by Analog Obsession represents a significant leap in digital audio processing, combining the best features of four renowned analog modules into one comprehensive package. This bundle includes an array of features like variable low cuts, boosts/attenuations, mid bands, high shelves, and high attentuations, allowing for precise sound sculpting.

Additionally, it boasts two custom preamps, a versatile compressor with adjustable attack and release times, and ratio settings, enhancing dynamic control. The inclusion of a custom line amp and 4x oversampling under the Analog Obsession label further elevates its performance.

The resizable, touchscreen-friendly interface ensures a user-friendly experience, making it ideal for modern production environments. With improved DSP and CPU efficiency, Apple Silicon and AAX support, the F-Bundle is a robust tool for both professional and hobbyist audio engineers, offering a rich, analog-like sound in a digital format.

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